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During thirteen years of activity, we have been dedicated to improve our offer every year. We will personally welcome at your arrival showing you the aspects of our Salento you must not miss to make your holiday unforgettable.

You will meet our parents…they have restored the old masseria with many sacrifices and still now, they take care of the garden when they don’t have to watch out the nephews. Dad is specialized in picking figs and prickly pears while mum cooks delicious jams. We personally prepare breakfasts choosing every day season fresh fruits and homemade cakes for every taste.

You will have at your disposal our numbers, for every info you need; we personally answer to the phone and, which is very important, every morning we will direct the best beach according to the weather conditions because Salento is “sun, sea and wind”, and we have the great advantage of being close to both the coasts.LEARN MORE



Time. Time is the most important thing we have, once passed it will not come back; what matters is the quality of how you spend it. Conscious of this responsibility in your regard, we give our best to let your time spent here to be of quality!

What we want to convey through the B & B is always what our parents taught us when we were children: love and respect our land and our countryside. On the other hand, by growing and traveling a lot we developed a passion for tourism and for languages.

Our business is a family B & B, with our work we have gained a special attention to the guest and his well-being with the aim of make him feeling at home as we welcome him in our own home.

How it all started

The origins

In 2003 we came up with the idea of opening a B & B because it was several years that we welcomed relatives and friends for their holidays (mainly during summer). It seemed natural doing the same with strangers too. The satisfaction was to see our uncles, cousins (who live predominantly in the North) restored soul and body, after days of total relaxation with good food, and the discovery of Salento wonders.

So, now we see the same process with guests who come here to enjoy the well-deserved rest after months of work and leave, at the end of their stay, loads of new energies and positive experiences. The most beautiful thing, after so many years, is always experiencing people arriving as guests and, often, leaving as friends!

Early '900

In these years, it has been constructed the core of our structure, an ancient masseria with vaulted ceilings used in the past as holiday house in a countryside, named Gallotta, considered one of the most luxuriant of Trepuzzi. It has always belonged to the family of our mum, they bought it with all the surrounded fields and they extended the initial structure used mainly as shed for the guardian and horses.

After the II world war

In the difficult years of postwar period, grandmother’s family moved to Milan and, for several years, they did not return to the country, so, abandoned to itself, the house began to decay until we moved, mom dad and Nicole, from Milan to Trepuzzi, to stabilize definitely our family in the South of Italy.

1985 - 2000

Restructuration works. Since the moment our dad saw the villa, he imagined how it can rise again. Nicole was one year old when the works of restoration began and they will last a lot. In 1992, July the 26th we spend our first night in our new house…I was six. We have grown here, running about an olive park of 4 hectares that our parents have graced with lots of fruit and garden trees.


Here we have celebrated our birthdays and every summer we have welcomed relatives and friends, who decided to sped here their holidays, bringing them all around the salento beaches. In 2004, during with we have chosen our university address concerning tourism and landscape study, our professional activity started after a brief study course about B&B laws and functions attended in Lecce. We started with two rooms and a common bath; we called the B&B Villa delle Palme because the palms were the queens of the country…at the entrance there were two big palms that seemed two big column (unfortunately they have been devoured by a parasite few years ago) but there were other  million of it planted by mum in evy corner of the garden.

July 2011

Inauguration of the new structure named “Rosa dei Venti”. Thanks to all the satisfaction coming from our guests, during these years, we emproved the rooms, breakfasts, we built two new baths for each room. In 2010, we have built (ex novo) a whole structure, a new house with 3 big rooms with private bath totally independentand surrounded by nature.

4 gennaio 2012

A new wonderful arrival, the first son of Nicole&Danilo, Matteo is born. With him we are experiencing much more how the country can be funny for children and we decided to add a new equipped playground for them besides equipment and furnishing to enjoy the green spaces.

January-July 2014:

New plants and trees to enrich the park. Plants of the Mediterranean maquis to beautify the garden and to create new relaxing walking paths.

10 September 2015

Nicole&Danilo’s wedding. Although we are not a structure for big receptions and ceremonies, newlyweds often choose us to host their invited and take advantage of the country to take some original photo shoot.

28 September 2016

A new member for this great family…Riccardo is born, the little brother of Matteo.


A very big news for all of us, a natural pool immersed in the country and into the rocks. A project of two years has been realized with the best expectations thanks to the help of expert technicians. We wanted a pool for our guests but we wanted a pool that seemed to emerge by itself from the natural cave of the rocks of our territory.